Renee and Gavin at Rotto

Oh, to be lying,
On a beach,
With sand in my toes,
And the wind,
In my hair.

And only the sound,
Of the seagulls,
On high,
On a beach,
Under sunny blue sky.

The gentle caress,
Of the waves,
On the shore,
And you close,
Beside me,
Could I ask for more?

A soft sandy beach,
That goes on,
You, me,
And a beach,
So happy together.

Linda Harnett

I met Renee and Gavin at one of the Wedding Upmarkets at UWA.  It seemed to take forever for their wedding to come around, as it does with things we are all looking forward to.

I love a Rottnest wedding.  It's sort of like a forced holiday as I usually take the opportunity to go with the family for the weekend.  Hillarys is not too far from me and we all hopped on the Friday evening ferry and 45 minutes later we were in another world.

Renee and Gavin first met in 2011 and their first date was at Hillarys.  There was an instant attraction and the coffee and talking went for five hours… close to 18 months later in June 2012, there was a birthday dinner for Renee at Rockpool.  It was busy and a booth sort of arrangement so no room for bended knee.  With hands shaking Gavin picked his moment in between courses to take Renee’s hand and ask her to spend the rest of her life with him.  Of course, the answer was yes!

Renee and Gavin married at Little Parakeet Bay, a secluded spot not far from Geordie Bay.  Everyone (including me) hopped on the bus to the ceremony and helped to ferry everything down to the beach, leaving our shoes at the steps.

Sadly, Renee's mother was not able to share in her special day and it was a particularly poignant moment in the ceremony when the bride and groom lit a lantern in Julie's honour, with the signing table displaying photos as a tribute to her.

It's always lovely to share a wedding with Wedding Upmarket stablemates Jimmy and Shona from IZO Photography.  I knew their photos would be spectaclar as I'd seen their location scouting journey on Instagram. 

Congratulations Renee and Gavin, I wish you both a lifetime of love and happiness.