Poh and Aldrin's backyard ceremony

Poh and Aldrin first met in 2004, in high school in Malaysia.  From different schools, they came together at the age of fifteen as rivals, in the final of their respective schools’ drama productions.  They stayed in touch after their initial meeting though, through MSN, Friendstar (which was that brief thing after MySpace and before Facebook), then Facebook, and good old fashioned greeting cards.

They met up again in 2009 when, by coincidence, they both came to Perth to study.  Poh had arrived first, in 2007 and when Aldrin arrived, Poh was one of three people he knew.  They lived nowhere near each other though, and only met up a few times per year.

Their love story truly began in 2010 when Poh, being the poor student she was, asked to park at the house Aldrin was renting near UWA.  She was at Sir Charles Gairdner on her hospital placement (she was studying nursing) and didn’t want to pay for parking or take public transport.  Aldrin’s place was a perfect solution to her problem.  They shared 6.00am coffees and many evening catch ups and love soon blossomed…

Poh and Aldrin were married in September under a beautiful arbor from Pretty Willow Prop Hire, decorated with flowers and greenery by Courtney of White Posie,.  Poh was walked up the aisle by her parents, Patsy and Chin Wah.  Aldrin’s parents, Hoon and Wong also joined us, but not in the conventional way as Wong had been unwell.  While I’m a usually a big fan of the unplugged wedding ceremony, in this instance technology was a bonus, with Hoon and Wong ‘sitting’ in the front row, joining us on an iPad via Skype and able to give their love and blessings ‘in person’.

Poh and Aldrin read a really sweet ‘vow duet’ together early in the ceremony.  Here’s what they said.

I promise
To always love and take care of you
That my heart is yours to keep
That from this day forward, you'll never walk alone
To remind you of my love every day of my life
To be the big spoon
To be the little spoon
I promise to honour the commitments we make today, whether I am far from home or wrapped in your arms. To remember how lucky I am to have someone that makes saying goodbye so hard.
I promise to believe in you even when you don't believe in yourself
I promise to see all of your magic and remind you of it when you have forgotten
I promise to be your biggest fan
I promise to be your partner in crime
I promise to protect you and when I cannot I will stand with you.
I cannot promise that I always deserve you, but I promise I will try my very best
I promise to grow old with you
I promise you, me

Poh and Aldrin’s rescue greyhound Jo Jo, was the best behaved and most docile ring bearer I’ve come across so far, coming forward at just the right time with the rings (although she was tempted by a little something in the best man’s pocket).  Following the ceremony, friends and family celebrated with champagne, a light lunch and cake with a dinner later on in the evening.

I first met Poh and Aldrin at the Wedding Upmarket and liked them so much immediately.  Their excitement and enthusiasm about life was infectious and they created so many beautiful personal touches for their own wedding, including their own cake (check out Poh's little business, Petit Poh), which was beautifully displayed on a stand from Hire Society and one of Kristy's little Pretty Willow Prop Hire tables.

Loren from Nectarine Photography and Matt from Direct Films documented the day and did an incredible job as always.

Congratulations to Poh and Aldrin.