A New Year's Eve celebration

I first met Amanda and Renelle at the Perth Wedding Upmarket in August 2013.  I remember the meeting vividly as we had a funny moment in the usual banter of 'so who's getting married', etc.  Of course lots of girls getting married come to the Wedding Upmarket together, or with their bridemaids, etc so it took me a second to work out that yes, they were both engaged and it was to each other. 

I'm a big supporter of marriage equality.  I think it's only a matter of time before Australia catches up with the rest of the world, but geez we are taking an awfully long time aren't we?  In the meantime though, Amanda and Renelle decided that they wanted to promise to spend the rest of their lives with each other in front of their nearest and dearest and I was delighted to be asked to help make that happen.

Amanda and Renelle chose the chapel at the Rose and Crown Hotel in Guildford for their New Year's Eve ceremony and reception.  The chapel had the look and feel of a church which was important to them as they met at their local church in Victoria. They also wanted a ceremony that was very traditional in nature, with a reading from the Bible and reference to God.

Both ladies were walked up the aisle by their parents to Joy Hill's I see Your Glory and it was so wonderful to have them play such a big part in the ceremony.  Amanda and Renelle exchanged personal vows that they kept from each other until the ceremony and then exchanged rings.  Renelle's Gran, well into her 90s, was then invited to come forward with a ribbonthat had been embroidered with both their names, which we then used for a handfasting ceremony. 

Linda of No. 9 Bridal Couture provided some assistance with alterations for Amanda and Renelle's dresses and they both looked so beautiful.  The chapel was decorated with a long hessian runner over an altar, with a large cross, candles, flowers and the family Bible, achieving the look and feel they were after.  Following drinks in the courtyard and a few photos, they danced the night away at the Rose and Crown in the reception room next door, decorated by thousands of fairy lights (and more hessian and some bales of hay).

Congratulations to Amanda and Renelle on becoming partners in life.  I sincerely look forward to the day I can unite you both again - this time under Australian marriage law.