Four seasons, two ceremonies and lots of love

In October 2012, I had the very great pleasure of performing not one, but two ceremonies for the delightful Chelsea and her beau Greg.

When we met to start planning the ceremony, all three of us were overcome with emotion.  You see, Chelsea’s father Bill has dementia and requires more care than can be provided in the family home.  Chelsea wanted nothing more than to be able to have her father walk her up the aisle on her wedding day and we worked together to make that happen…

The Old Tea Pavilion in Kings Park was the setting for our first ceremony.  On a beautiful Spring day it was pouring with rain and our intimate ceremony became, well, very intimate indeed!  We huddled together with the guests using their umbrellas as screens and the four lovely bridesmaids walked up the aisle before the stunning Chelsea joined us on the arm of her mother Gail.

Chelsea and Greg wrote their own personal vows and chose two readings for their first ceremony, including When you First Came into my Life by Sarah Fandry.

When you first came into my life…..
I had no idea how easy you would be to talk to.
And I never imagined that our early conversations would grow into such a strong friendship.
I never suspected that we'd discover so many common interests and values or that I could ever enjoy simple pleasures as much as when they are shared with you.
I never thought we'd have so many warm and happy times together, or that your compassion would help so much to ease me through the rougher times.
I didn't expect to feel so soon as though I'd known you forever.
Or to trust you so easily with my secrets and deepest feelings.
I never thought your support could make so much difference.
That your encouragement would bring my dreams closer, make my successes sweeter and my losses easier to accept.
I never imagined that I would grow to love want, to need and to love you so much.
When you first came into my life I never dreamed you'd soon be someone I couldn't live without....

Wanting to include her father as much as possible in her wedding day, Chelsea and Greg had already arranged to have their photos taken in the beautiful grounds of Amberley Aged Care in Spearwood.  The nursing staff and residents were absolutely delighted when we suggested we have a second ceremony there, so Bill could walk his daughter up the aisle and the residents could attend.  The room was decorated beautifully and there was not a dry eye in the house as Chelsea walked up the corridor on the arm of her father to join Greg once again and repeat the vows of marriage they had made to each not more than an hour earlier.  The residents and nursing staff were dressed especially for the occasion and congratulated Chelsea and Greg – the first wedding to be held at Amberley.

As the second ceremony concluded with champagne and family photos to follow, the sun finally made an appearance.  Chelsea and Greg took the opportunity to have some photos by the river before celebrating with their guests at Aqua Viva on the Swan.

Congratulations Chelsea and Greg.  It was a wonderful afternoon filled with joy and emotion and I’m so glad that I was the one to pronounce you ‘husband and wife’ – twice!

Chelsea’s close friend Jem Howard took the beautiful photos of Chelsea and Greg’s special day.