Megan and Justin's Heathcote wedding

I remember the day Justin asked Megan to marry him.  I was down south, driving around in the rain with a girlfriend, when Megan phoned her, squealing with excitement - I'm getting married!

It's always extra special when you have a personal connection with the bride and groom (friends of friends in this instance) and Megan and Justin's wedding at Heathcote Reserve in October last year was certainly very special.

Megan and Justin met in 2011.  It was at the pub, the Wembley Hotel to be exact, watching the footy with a few friends and a few quiet ales.  Just a couple.  Justin was supporting the mighty Cats and Megan was barracking for the Eagles.  Just for the record, the West Coast Eagles won that game by 8 points, however, Geelong would go on to win the premiership.

There was a bit of flirty banter going on and Megan scribbled her phone number on a beer coaster before heading off home.  Soon after, Justin picked up the phone, gave her a call and the rest is history.

Megan and Justin elected to have no bridal party, although Justin's son Sage carried the rings and stood with his father for much of the ceremony.  One of Megan's friends read the following poem, Treasure your Love.

Treasure your Love
Megan and Justin, you share today the joy of a deep commitment and trust.
You have given each other the most precious gift of love.
Treasure it, nurture it and encourage it,
With all the honesty you used in creating it.
You are sharing something rare and beautiful
Always speak the truth and listen attentively
So that you may understand each other's thoughts and intentions.
Inspire each other by sharing your accomplishments.
Say 'I love you' often to retain the warmth between you.
Laugh a lot too, even when you're angry.
Remember you're each other's best friend
Stand together and for each other always
Share your hopes and dreams, joys and friendship.
May your marriage be forever filled with peace, happiness and love.

You can see more gorgeous photos from Megan and Justin's wedding on Melissa Mills' blog here.