Woodbridge wonder

Amy and Luke's wedding was well over a year ago now, and it's one of those wedding ceremonies I have really wanted to write about for a few reasons. 

Amy and Luke lived in Melbourne and returned to Amy's home town of Perth for the wedding.  The ceremony and reception was in the grounds of the historic Woodbridge House in Woodbridge (near Guildford in Perth's Swan Valley).  The precinct is chock full of historic buildings, one of them a cafe with a view over the Swan River. Suzie looks after the lot, from the ceremony to the reception and is incredibly organised and helpful in the whole process.

Amy and Luke were such a relaxed and gorgeous couple and their ceremony really reflected the two of them with personal vows that resulted in tears of laughter and joy from the bride and groom and just about everyone else there.  We talked on the phone, exchanged emails and met in person to write their ceremony and it was lovely.

They arranged for Freya Hanly to sing and play guitar for the ceremony (she was AMAZING) and the pen they used for the signing was made of wood belonging to Luke's grandfather and had been crafted by someone in the family.  Amy and Luke had just one attendant each and Amy was walked up the aisle with her mother and father.  Her two neices and nephew all had roles to play and everyone had a terrific time.  Did I say how nice they were?  SO nice.

There are a couple of spots that are great for ceremonies at Woodbridge House.  One is well known, in front of the 'big tree' near the Riverside Woodbridge Cafe.  Amy and Luke chose to have their ceremony on the Western (Guildford Grammar) side of the historic house which was a lovely choice.

Photographer Lee Griffiths captured the day and was nice enough to send me a few images.  Down South brides and grooms take note - this guy is awesome and he now lives in Albany.  Have a look at all the images from Amy and Luke's special day on Lee's website here (and everything else Lee has done since).  I don't think there is one image where Amy and Luke aren't laughing or smiling - it really was a wedding filled with joy.